Vocabulary + Pronunciation lesson

I’ve heard a lot of Bostonian accent before our move.  As different as it appeared to be, I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal living in a big metropolitan.

Google taught me these 2 key points:

  1. Pronounce your R’s as AH (Park the Car at Harvard Yard will become Pahk the Cah At Hahvad Yahd)
  2. Pronounce your “O’s” like “aw” (‘Boston’ becomes ‘Bawstun”, ‘Octopus’ becomes ‘Awctapus’).

Overall, I’d say the accent is more challenging on the phone than in person.

However, accent is only the half of the battle – they don’t pronounce the way words are spelled!

It took me a long while to realize the cities I’ve heard about are the same as the ones I’ve seen on print.  For example:

  • Worcester – pronounced Wuss-tah”, not “wor-se-ster”.
  • Gloucester – pronounced “Glawster”, not “glou-se-ster”.
  • Peabody – pronounced “Pee- Buh-Dee”… why not “pea-ba-dee”???

I think I’m just bookmarking this guide and forget about my ESL lessons back in high school.


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