new walking style

Day 10  in Boston/East Coast, we’ve already experienced 1 major snow storm and 1 “wintry showers“, which is a mixture of snow & rain, and onto our 3rd snow.  We’ve certainly gotten a crash course of how to deal with the cold, snow, and the aftermath.

One major lesson was that we should walk slower & watch our steps.  This new style of walking definitely resulted in looking down while walking 90% of the time.

The best kind of walking happens when you’re the first person to walk across the blanket of fluffy new snow.  It’s like stepping on cotton candy.  It also strangely makes me crave for a type of Taiwanese shaved ice – super-fine!  [since I don’t have a good picture on hand, see this photo on Flickr by Candice.]

boston, charles river, winter, fluffy, new snow

then you give it a few hours and try walking across streets, this is what you come across – puddles of water gathered around intersection.  Many of them can look deceptively shallow, only to get me scream in shock when I sink most of my boot in them.

The good news is – my new boots are certainly water proof.

melted snow puddle, boston, winter

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