Open-air Haymarket shopping

Before we start, let’s make one thing clear about this market — it is NOT a farmers’ market.  If you’re looking for organic, Whole Foods-like merchandise, you should look elsewhere.  Most of the stuff here isn’t picture perfect.  However, if you shop carefully, there are plenty of ridiculously low prices for items in decent quality.

As you approach the market, you will notice the loud yelling voices coming from various vendors fighting for shoppers’ attention.  Say, $1 for 3 lbs of fingerling potatoes?  Why yes, we shall buy some potatoes.

The vendors are here every Friday and Saturday.   They get their stuff from Chelsea produce exchange on Thursdays and Fridays evenings, when shelves have to be cleared for the next week’s shipments.  Therefore, you’re basically buying produce that is ripe for immediate consumption, or doesn’t look super great.

We went big this weekend and spent $9.  I thought we should document how much this money gets you from Haymarket… on a side note, I am not quite sure if I need to add a ‘market’ behind Haymarket, since that’s also the name of the metro stop. hmm…

vegetable, fruits, produce, haymarket

To effectively use all the bounty we acquired within a couple of days, we immediately made fresh and pulpy orange juice, and are having this beautiful Stuffed Bell Pepper for dinner.  This is a modified recipe from Emeril… I substituted lean ground turkey for sausages, and there is no way I’m voluntarily buying green onions/scallions!

turkey stuffed bell pepper, emeril, food network

and we finished off our dinner with Citrus Salad with Lemongrass Syrup, recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.  I forgot to take pictures of it, so this picture is also via  It was very refreshing. 🙂

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