Turtles! what do you think that is?

When we passed by an old-fashioned candy store that hand-make their candy, we said “awwww”.

Sure the fudge is probably tasty… but they sell Turtles here, too?  as in 4-legged animal that carries its shell with wherever it goes?

We MUST find out!

Pride's Crossing, candy shop, fudge, turtle

Ahhhh, here they are.

This shall teach us Californian / West Coasters a lesson.  The turtles here are the edible kind, not the one you buy in a pet store and wonder if it’s ever going to learn any tricks.

For the record, they taste really yummy.  Think chocolate+caramel+nuts in a blob of deliciousness.  Highly recommend that you pick up a turtle if you shall be so lucky to come across one.

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