The Old Ferry Landing and downtown Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth is about an hour drive north of Boston.  After finishing work tasks, it was time for a beer & fresh seafood.

Old Ferry Landing was just the place.  It’s right by the water with a view, good selection of draft beer, and plenty of sunshine.

10 Ceres St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801


According to their menu, there was no structural link between the coastal areas of New Hampshire and Maine before the turn of the Century.  Therefore, ferry was the only way to across the river (Piscataqua River) between the 2 states.  The building was erected as a ferryboat terminal.  After bridges in the area were built, a variety of businesses called it home, until the current restaurant started in 1973.

Entrance of Old Ferry Landing by the NH & Maine shore

Check out this long-awaited WARM weather in New England, perfect for patio dining.

Patio area of Old Ferry Landing

You see Maine there?  just across the river.

Shore line between New Hampshire and Maine

We got a lobster roll and a basket of fried clams.  You will come across lobster roll offerings all over New England.  Simply put, a lobster roll is cooked fresh lobster in chunks with dressing, on top of a toasted bun/bread.  However, it seems like every place makes it a little differently.  Here is an article on lobster roll from NY Times if you want to learn more about it.

My favorite of this meal was the lobster roll as well.  With fresh seafood, it’s really best eaten with minimal dressing.  They offer 2 versions: 3 oz. & 6 oz.  Get the 6 oz. one.  You’ll be very happy after consuming all that chunks of lobster.  See how happy I am in the picture?  That was before eating – just from knowing how much I was going to enjoy this wonderful food.

lobster roll, fried clams basket

The area around the restaurant seems to be very active still with all these boats in the water.

boats, portsmouth

After satisfying our hunger & thirst, we walked around downtown a bit.  It seemed to concentrate on a couple blocks around one side of the church.


Before heading south, we just had to cross Memorial Bridge to go to Kittery, Maine side.  After reading more about the bridge while writing this post, it seems like the bridge might be dismantled next year (2012)?

One thought on “The Old Ferry Landing and downtown Portsmouth, NH

  1. The lobster roll was delicious, but I think there’s room for improvement on the bread. Same was true of the one we had at Belle Isle in East Boston. Heaping chunks of delicious fresh lobster deserve something more noteworthy than a supermarket hamburger bun.

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