delightful short hike at Fresh Pond Reservation

Fresh Pond is just a short drive from our apartment in Back Bay.  It’s a big body of water (much bigger than what we thought a pond would be), surrounded by trails where people can go walking/running/biking/roller-blading.  According to the organization’s website, the lake itself is 155 acre, and the surrounding land is 162 acre.  Wow!

It’s also a great place for bird watchers.  The non-profit organization even has an ongoing list of birds (year-round residents and migrating visitors) sighting.  We weren’t as good at spotting them, but we were certainly able to hear lots of them on our walk.  My only good picture was this little guy on the banner of this post.  It was hanging out on the grass, not afraid of humans.

One of the nice surprises I’ve found since moving to Boston is the abundance of green spaces all around.  I’m absolutely in love with Boston Public Garden, especially when the flowers & plants come back to live after a long winter.

Fresh Pond Reservation, Cambridge, MA

It even has a public golf course!

Since it’s a reservation, there is fence all around the water.

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