Phantom Gourmet Beach BBQ party in Boston

Boston city hall plaza is an unique existence.  The City Hall building supposedly was the winner of a fierce design competition.  Well, I’m not alone in this opinion – it’s quite ugly.  There is also a large plaza surrounding it that has no trees, plants, or any decorative items on that it’s sad looking most of the time I’ve passed it.  Festivals seems to be the only use for the space.

Phantom Gourmet is a local food show that we came to watch on a lazy weekend morning.  It introduces different eateries around New England.   Little did we know, they apparently also organize food events.  On this cloudy Friday of 2011, we decided to check out this Beach BBQ party.  In their advertising, not only they talk up the grill masters but also boasting a sandy beach.  A beach!  how can we L.A. transplants refuse an opportunity to see a beach in the middle of the city!


grill master banners

Nothing like a Ferris wheel to feel festive!  But then we tried to find the sand beach… it’s quite sad that I didn’t take a picture of it.

With so many choices and such limited stomach space, we decided to go with a place that claims to be World Champion BBQ sauce and ribs.  Look at all these trophies, they must know a thing or two.


grill master

Sorry, we totally forgot to take pictures of our food because it was so good!  and we ate too quickly.  Just use your imagination.  Tender ribs, wonderful brisket sandwich…

So, will I come again?

We got in during free admission time, so I felt okay just paying for the food and booze.  However, if I had paid the $10/12 (somewhere around there) to get in, I’d feel that it’s not worth my money, since there isn’t many other fun things or good attraction (for adults) for that price.

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