Reading of the Declaration of Independence – Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

One of the coolest things about living in New England, especially in Boston is the fact that lots of events of historical importance during the Revolution happened in and around the city.

To experience our first 4th of July properly, we motivated and went to Old State House to listen to the reading of Declaration of Independence, as it was read to the public for the very first time in Boston 235 years ago.

The reading starts at 10am.  Long before that, you can already see the sea of people gathered around.  Thankfully my lens was powerful enough that I could still get decent pictures deep in the crowd and hiding under the shade.

Before long, we thought we heard canons!  It turned out were the guns of the early settlers.

The short procession led everyone to the State House balcony, where the reading would take place.


with Boston’s finest –

This year, a big Navy ship was in town.  The guest of honor who did the reading is a Naval officer.

Old State House, 4th of July

Afterward, we followed the procession down toward Faneuil Hall, where the band played for the crowd.  As their flag indicated, they are actually volunteers.  I have to give them big props for not only giving up their time, but also have the endurance to keep on that elaborate, and probably very hot uniform/costume in this heat.

Boston, 4th of July

The reading itself lasted about 20 minutes.  We hung around to listened to music performance, saw more sailors, and took pictures of the cutest patriotic outfit.


While her parents were happy to let me take her pictures, she wasn’t too pleased to be put down on the ground from the comfort of Daddy’s arms.

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