dreaming of Philly cheesesteak, in Philly

If one only has a handful of hours for her first visit to Philly, what does one do?  Eat a cheesesteak, of course!  So we head over to South Philly.

On one side of the intersection, you have Pat’s King of Steaks that has been around since the 1930.  It’s in the middle of the residential neighborhood, right next to a big park where the local kids play.

philly cheesesteak, famous local Pat's

Across the street from Pat’s, you have a very loud, very orange, Geno’s Steaks.  Seriously, they are literally ACROSS THE STREET from each other.  I wonder if the later arrival of Geno’s (back in the 1960s) was the motivation behind making the restaurant stand out so much more with the orange paint and neon lights – lots of lights from what I could tell in the day time.

famous Geno's cheesesteak, local philly

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we can just get one from each one of them and do a side by side taste comparison?  Yeah, that wasn’t happening.  It was already mid-afternoon by the time we got to Philly and we knew there was a big dinner ahead of us.  Therefore, we had to choose just 1 of them.

Pat’s was our choice of the day.

I love the simple menu that let you know the total price right away.  Very efficient but yet somewhat intimidating.  Why intimidating? see the next picture.

Pat's menu

Before our arrival,  I was told that this is not the type of place to ask a lot of questions about the menu and request customization.

Here you see.  They TELL you how they expect you to place the order.  Bonus point if you can say it with a Philly accent.

how to order at Pat's steaks

Similar to some old-school diners, they line their walls with old photos of famous customers.

and for people who like it hot.

Eating a good cheesesteak doesn’t need to be a fancy affair.  Find a seat and enjoy your food.  Remember what I said that they’re just across the intersection from each other?  Check out how close Geno’s is at the background of this picture.

Yum!  It was REALLY good.  Steak, grilled onions, and very little added seasoning on top of a great baguette is all you need.

and we washed it down with some cool beer from the bar that sits in between the 2 stores.  That’s what I call a golden triangle.

What’s your vote?  Pat’s, or Geno’s, or somewhere else?

and more pictures of Geno’s, since we don’t get to taste their food this time.

If you’re still curious, I found this Pat’s vs. Geno’s on YouTube for your amusement. 🙂

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