first visit to Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

After satisfying our needs for a good Philly Cheesesteak, we spent the rest of the afternoon soaking some up history.

Liberty Bell is our #1 destination.  Now here is the time for a very short history lesson.

1.  Before Independence Revolution:

Liberty Bell was used in the old Pennsylvania State House, which is now called Independence Hall, to summon the citizens for important announcements.

2.  After Independence Revolution:

Supposedly, Liberty Bell was run to mark the reading of the Declaration of Independence.  Although, many historians argued that it couldn’t have been rung on the 4th of July, 1776, as there was no reading that day.

The bell attracted little attention for a while after the revolution, until George Lippard wrote a short story about aged-man ringing the bell on the eve of the declaration.  The tale became widespread and the bell became an iconic symbol.

Independence Hall

it’s located on one end of Independence National Historic Park.  The park is a 3 square blocks of the city with many buildings of historic importance.  This building sits on one side of a large grass area, across the street from Liberty Bell Center.

Pennsylvania State House

The steeple is currently under renovation.



Liberty Bell Center – opened in 2003

To see this iconic symbol of U.S. Independence, it will cost you… nothing!  Even though the building has a set open hours, the Bell itself is placed right behind this big see-through glass so that you can look at it 24-7.


After a short wait of 10-15 minutes to go through security check, we entered the building.  There were a lot of printed articles, old photos to tell you more about the Liberty Bell and related history.


One of the coolest things, besides the Bell itself, was this photo.  It’s a picture of Liberty Bell, made up by 25,000 officers.

Human Liberty Bell, Camp Dix, 1918

Human Liberty Bell, Camp Dix, 1918

Now we give you — Liberty Bell

Here is the front of the bell and the famous crack.  The bell weights 2,000 lbs.  No one knows how the original crack started, but the track seemed to have stopped after the attempted fix.  However, it’s also no longer in active duty.

Independence Park Visitor Center

Quite a cool place to start your visit to historical Philadelphia.  You can get a good idea of what’s in the area and what fun events may be on the schedule to enhance your experience.


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