my first public photo exhibit in Boston

Over the summer, I went to one of Boston City’s photography workshops in Public Garden.  The participants were told that we can submit 5 pictures from that to be selected to be part of an exhibit at the end of summer.

To my surprise, 2 of mine are among the 20 displayed in Boston City Hall, from more than 250 pictures submitted.  What an honor!  This is a small exhibit (the department IS on a budget).  Nonetheless, it’s a great ego boost, since I only started to dabble into photography after last Christmas.

“Pics in the Parks Photography Exhibit’’
presented by Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s ParkARTS program. 
Mon-Fri from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. through Sept. 16.
Boston City Hall, Government Center, Boston. 617-961-3051.

Boston Park, Pic in Park, "Simple Luxury"


As an added bonus, my picture was chosen to be printed on Boston Globe to go with the story about the exhibit. 🙂

Public Garden


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