Cambridge’s own Oktoberfest at Harvard Square

One of my favorite experiences was going to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.  Big tents of different breweries setting up tents of all different sizes.  When it came to our attention that Harvard Square Business Association was putting on their annual Oktoberfest & HONK!  Parade, we put it on our calendar.

As soon as we stepped off of Harvard Square T-stop, there was already a sea of people.

Stages were setup for groups and groups of music talents.

Old Jack band

and with the variety of music, came with a wide range of outfits!

But of course, beer gardens.  The space and beer selection was a bit disappointing.  Sure, we didn’t come here expecting the Munich versions.  However, menu seemed to generally include the “regular” from the brewery, plus some kind of “harvest” or “Oktoberfest” beer.

The appearance of GIGANTIC bubbles guarantee happy kids and giddy adults. 🙂

oktoberfest 2011


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