New England fall fun with apples

Our first fall in New England.  So excited!

Bring on the fall breeze, root vegetables, cider, and apple picking. 🙂

We picked Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, MA as our playground.  For little kids or people who had patience to wait, there’s free hayride that will carry you up the hill, so you can save your energy on the actual picking, instead of getting to the orchards.

tractor pull

It would’ve been a good time to have a little kid handy.  We saw so many parents taking pictures of their kids in the pumpkin patch.  Their short heights made them look quite adorable in the patch.  hmm…

I grew up in big cities where outdoor space was a premium.  I didn’t know anyone with their own fruit trees.  Therefore, it was very exciting to be out in the open space and weird to see plenty of apples just lying under the trees.

apple trees

Most trees have plenty of apples at arm’s reach.  However, I couldn’t resist climbing up the ladder and go for the ones on top!

apple picking on ladder

When you enter this farm, you get these white plastic bags from the farm staff to hold your harvest. On the bag of these bags is a map of the orchard.  Trust me, when you’re in this massive land and have no expert knowledge of telling apples apart, you’ll appreciate this map.  They tell you where to find what kind of apple, and you also get a little sheet of paper describing the taste, look, and best uses for each breed.

When you’re done, you pay for the apples by the per pound (lb) weight.  In reality, you can probably find cheaper apples this time of the year in your local stores.  But, by doing it yourself, you know it’s really fresh from the trees… and got us out of the city to breath in some fresh air.

One of the best finds of the day – apple cider donuts!

apple cider donut production

look at this skillful coating of sugar.

sugar coating

and these freshly off of the production line beautifies were tasty. They had the right balance of between fluffy and dense.  The sugar coating was also less sweet than you’d find in the regular donut shops — perfect snack without the “oh my gosh I need something to wash the sweetness down” after taste.


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