paying my respect at Longshan Temple in Taipei

Mid-Autumn Moon festival (every August 15 on lunar calendar) is a big deal in Chinese culture.  It’s the day you get together with your family, eat mooncakes, and admire the beauty and the fullness of the moon.  Specifically in Taiwan, people usually BBQ with friends or family while watching the moon.

It is also a busy day at the temple.  We visited Longshan Temple a day before Mid-Autumn Moon festival, and it was crowded with people and their offerings.

front entrance

When you first enter any temple, you light your incense.  They are your “transmitters” that will deliver your messages to the gods.

lighting incense

Then you present your offerings.  Since it’s a temple, everything should be vegetarian.

People worship here for various lengths of time.  As a casual observer, my visit was rather short.  However, there were also more dedicated worshipers that spend time to read/chant scripts and such.

Even if you’re not a Buddhist, or religious believer, Longshan Temple has its historical importance in Taiwanese culture and architectural details that are a thing to marvel.  Besides, I think it’s used to its celebrity status.  People there don’t look you up and down if you look foreign, and there are signs in English to help you understand what’s going on.

dragon purched on roof

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