Kenting (Taiwan) night market

People come to Kenting for various reason:  the beach, the national park, the tropical weather.  In general, it’s a fun place to come to get away from the city, while still having some convenience of the city.

When we were there in September, the weather was really pleasant, except some quick tropical showers.  Apparently it was also when schools take their field trips in the middle of the week.

The main stretch of night market is where one goes to find some grub and entertainment.

First, we satisfied our hunger and thirst.

Then we exercised.

Our efforts were rewarded with a nice bottle of bubble.

Finally, we can’t help but noticing all the vendors there.

Check out these genius vendors who transformed their cars or half of it into their stands.

Lastly, this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the fanciest merchant I saw,

giant wig and sunglasses

and the funniest product I saw- it’s edible, pastry type of food with filling inside.  The advertised flavor was vanilla cream; I’m sure the darker colored ones probably have chocolate in it… just a guess.

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