BuDai fish market 台灣嘉義布袋漁市場 – where you go for fresh seafood

Caution – pictures of extreme fresh fish. Will cause high level of jealousy and make you wonder why you are not moving to Taiwan.  Right Now.

BuDai is a very large fishing town in Taiwan.  When I was a kid, I knew it as where my mom’s family lived, and a place most of my friends wouldn’t recognize .  Now, it’s tourist season any time of the year.

Many people drive from different parts of Taiwan to load up their cars with the freshest, most tasty seafood from the market.  The prices are much more affordable than if you were to get it in supermarkets.  And yes, most people in Taiwan will go to the distance for good food.

abundance of fresh fish

In Taiwan, nothing on the fish is wasted.  Fish heads actually have lots of flavor when you cook it while fresh.  Many people (including my mom) actually enjoys a simple Taiwanese dish, made with just fish heads from Milkfish/Bangus (虱目魚).

Check out those clear and shiny fish eyes.
I remember my lesson from childhood: clear fish eyes = fresh fish.

fresh fish heads, fish market

Here is a wonderful image I found from another blogger to show you what the dish could look like:

***image credit – James at http://yan-seafood.blogspot.com/


fresh shrimp taiwan

Check out the size of the shrimp!

ahhh… the oysters.

and I tried to take picture of this vendor slicing up sashimi pieces.  However, he was super friendly and kept posing whenever I raised my camera. 🙂


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