enjoying Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ First Friday with the girls

Since having enjoyed the Chihuly Exhibition, we’ve become regular members of the museum.  On one Friday, I decided to go to Museum of Fine Arts with my girls.  First Friday is a series that happens, well, you guessed it, every month.  What makes it different from the regular museum experience?  Well, it opens until later; it sells food nibbles and drinks around a big gallery on the 2nd floor; it has live music – in a museum where you’re supposed to be quiet!

The biggest difference?  The crowd.

Listen, if you are single and want to be find  new place to meet mostly young, respectable-looking people who are friendly/sociable, come on one of these nights.  It’s almost like being picked up in  bar, minus the potential embarrassment when you tell your friends the “how I met my date” story.

This picture was taken early on of the event.  Trust me, it gets must more crowded than this.

Main gallery crowd shot

The band of the month.

band with a couple dancing

Some witty, some funny, and some more straight forward.  Over an hour, we were approached by many guys on their own, or with their group.  So there, the odds are great in the women’s favor… but probably good for guys, since they appeared to feel quite at ease to strike up conversations with all women in the area.

To cap off an interesting and pleasant outing, we stopped by Cuchi Cuchi, tapas restaurant/bar in Cambridge for awesome drinks and food.  If you’re ever looking for  place with fun ambiance (think 1920’s flapper) and really tasty & extensive bar menu, check it out.


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