my first encounter with Philippe French Dip Sandwiches

I can’t believe I had lived in L.A. for 13 years and never had Philippe.  When our dinner partner called and said he was running 15 minutes behind, we decided to have an “appetizer”.

If you also wondered why it’s called ‘French’ dip?  instead of ‘American’ or ‘L.A.’ dip, check it here.  I thought maybe it’s like ‘French fries’ that Americans somehow made up and put ‘French’ on it to make it sound more sophisticated.

los angeles food landmark

Phillipe is a very casual place.  You pick one of the lines in front of their long counter and just get in.  The ladies behind the counter make/put together your sandwiches right there.  If you go with the sandwich, you have a few types of meat to choose from.

The guy ordering in the next line was obviously a regular.  He only said “1 beef dip”, “1 beer”.  5 words took care of his ordering.  Nice.

Luckily, the slightly long wait time allowed me to take it all in.  There were a lot of signs on the wall.  Many neon signs letting you all the beers you can order.  Somehow they also seem to be fond of have as many fonts and colors in each sign as possible.

Finally, the wait was SO worth it!  Bread was toasted just right.  Beef slices were full of flavor.  If you look carefully at our sandwich, you’ll see the cut side also has the color of the jus.  Yes, that’s called ‘double dip”.  Get it.  It’s what you want.

Then squeeze some of their hot mustard.  Go ahead.  They even sell it for you to take home with and dream about their lovely sandwiches.

After my meal, I only wished I had discovered how good they are many years earlier.  Like this guy!

the caption reads:

“Eating at Phillip’s since 1919.  100 years old September 23, 2003”



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