Walking on the frozen lake in Public Garden

Having grown up in warmer weather cities, I had only seen frozen lakes or rivers on TV but never in person until moving to Boston.  Treasuring my limited time here, I went out for a walk while it was snowing.

The snowflakes coming down the sky looked like it was drizzling.

By this time in the winter, the lake inside the garden was already pretty frozen.

bridge, frozen water

snow covered, bench, public garden

I always thought walking on a frozen water surface is scary.  How does anyone know for sure the water is frozen ENOUGH???  What happens if the surface breaks when you’re on top of it?

Well, after seeing a few people doing the walk like it was just part of regular ground surface, I decided to face my fear.  Now I have pictures to remember this event by.

Yes, me in the middle of the lake… under a bridge!

boston, public garden

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