Refreshing afternoon at Harpoon Brewery


It’s a breezy sunny Friday afternoon and we had an out-of-town guest that motivated us to seek out interesting Bostonian experiences.  Located in the Seaport district of Boston, Harpoon Brewery is a perfect spot for an afternoon outing.

During the week, Harpoon offers free samplings of Harpoon and UFO beers with brief explanation of each beer, as well as brewing process.  Over the weekend, you can get a guided tour of the brewery floor, on top of tasting.

I really like this bright orange and red color combination they put on their… well, I don’t know what it is.  Chimney?

brewery tour

Once we entered the tasting room, this wall of beer cans greeted us.

Welcome to the world of beers! 🙂

Even though Friday afternoon was kind of like the weekend already, it’s not.  Therefore, no tours for us! 😦 We can only look through the glass door and watch the guys working their magic).

In case you’re wondering when your favorite beer is being brewed…

Alas, we overcame our disappointment by freely sampling this beautiful assortment of Harpoon beers, plus their “secret” taps at the back counter.  Look at all this colorful collection of tab pulls.  I even got to sample this “Great Scott Ale” that they’re planning to enter into a competition with in 2013.  They got my vote for sure!

Overall, it was a really wonderful experience.  I strongly encourage anyone who’s looking for things to do around Boston to check out Harpoon brewery tasting room OR tour.

harpoon brewery tasting

Harpoon Brewery Weekday tasting:  (descriptions from website)


Join us in our Tasting Room overlooking the brewery for a complimentary tasting of Harpoon and UFO beers. The Harpoon Staff will discuss the brewing process and Harpoon’s history as you sample a range of freshly-brewed Harpoon and UFO beers.

Duration: about 1 hour
Cost: Complimentary


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