Rustic Lobster experience in Portland, Maine

Now I’ve got your attention.

Portland, Maine has a lot going for it.  Cute shops, beautiful buildings.  Nonetheless, I’m going to talk about the best find during our day trip – Three Sons Lobster & Fish!*

[okay, this post may be a little behind schedule because since our visit, they had changed their name.  However, the experience was so good that I thought I’d still share]

Maine lobsters are so famous that I couldn’t imagine a visit without having some.  Yelp directed us to this shabby looking little “shop” on the pier.  There’s no fancy menu, but simply list of seafood offered here. They are fresh.  You can buy them live or have the shop steam it for you.

After making our purchase, we used the 10 minutes cooking time to grab a couple of microbrew across the street.  Of course, the freshly cooked lobsters and clams were best eaten right then and there.  Ahhh, happy times.

steamed maine lobster, beer

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