quirky Dutch chocolate and antique shop in Boston

There is a building at the corner of Tremont and Berkeley that I had passed many times without being able to even sneak a peek inside.  It seems to be always closed!  I mean, what chocolate-eating-flea-market-going person wouldn’t want to look inside of a store that sells chocolate, antiques, and flowers all under a roof?

The exterior of this stand alone candy shop is really quite old and plain.  It’s not with big surprise that the owner told me that after this holiday season, they will be going on a 2-year renovation hiatus.  Wow, 2 year?

I am very curious what the finished look is supposed to be.  If anything, it would definitely do much better job drawing customers in than it is currently.

However, once you step inside, it feels like you’re transported into a wonderful candyland.  Good thing that there was a little girl in the store the same time I was — otherwise, I’d have to do all that “awww, ooooo…, wow…” myself. 🙂

The first half of the store is filled with all sort of sweets:  old-school candy, chocolate, boxes of candy, truffles, gift baskets.

(and interestingly, the other half really IS an antique shop.  I’m not sure what transpired this combination.  I mean, it’s not really the greatest positioning to combine things that are really old… with candy/sweet that you’d want your customers to think “fresh”).

In any case, it’s another quirky spot in New England.

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